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Isolating in the Workshop

Well covid-19 certainly has put a spanner in the works hasn’t it? Like most people, we have spent the last few months at home in self isolation. Luckily for us, we already worked from home, and have been able to continue our normal day to day routine in the workshop. However the closure of our local markets has meant we have had a bit of extra time to work on some new creative projects, as well as some time to refocus and reset.

Before covid-19 took hold, we were incredibly busy. Between working on custom made commissions, larger sculptures, and making/selling items at the local markets, we were working 7 day weeks and trying to juggle a lot of different projects. Whilst this virus has left a lot of destruction in its path, its also given us a gift that we didn’t realise we needed, and something that is imperative to the creative process; time.

Having time and space is so important for fostering creativity. Creative ideas don’t often just come to you out of no where, you often have to workshop them, brainstorm, and allow the ideas to morph and grow. Having some extra time on our hands the last few months has allowed us to foster some new and exciting creative projects that we can’t wait to share in the near future!

We have also been working on a few custom made commissions for some local clients. We have really enjoyed working on a series of sculptures for Sue, who had a few vacent walls that she wanted to fill with artwork. Jake came up with a cool idea to take inspiration from some of the flying fish sculptures we have made in the past, and turning them into a series of flying fish that are attached to wave like stainless steel rod and secured to the wall. The result was stunning, appearing as if there was a school of flying fish jumping out of the water. Jake has also been busy building a couple of furniture pieces for our little challet, including a beautiful wooden desk to complete our office space, as well as a pair of bed side tables, both using a combination of steel and timber.

We’ve also been working on increasing the online presence of Old Coast Studio, and have begun selling a few of our smaller artworks and garden art pieces on Etsy, which you can find here https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/OldCoastStudio. Its been a lot of fun to establish the online store, and love knowing that our artwork is now in the homes of people in all corners of Australia!

A large focus for me over the past couple of months has been working on my painting practice, which had gone by the wayside for the last year or so due to being so busy with the sculptural side of things. I have loved giving myself the freedom to explore and experiment with my painting again, and have been working on a new series that has certainly been inspired by the landscape surrounding our home, as I look out onto the bush from the deck where I sit and paint.

We have also been making the time to simply enjoy the place we live and the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us. We have been for a hike around the Leschenault Estuary to The Cut, and travelled down to the Blackwood River for a camping/fishing trip. There is an endless amount of nature to explore in the South West, and we have certainly been taking advantage of that during lockdown!

As much as we have really enjoyed having some extra time over these past few months, we are also really looking forward to returning to the markets again in the coming weeks. We really miss the hustle and bustle, and all the new people we meet every week! Fingers crossed we will be back at it in the next few weeks, and will make sure to keep you posted on when and where we will be :). Until then, we’re soaking up all the extra art-making time we have right now, and excited to see what creative projects other artists have been working on during lockdown.

Aimee and Jake xo

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