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Happy Birthday Old Coast Studio / Opening our First Retail Space

It’s officially been a year since we started Old Coast Studio! It was this time last year that we decided to take the plunge and begin selling our work at our local market. We had only recently relocated to WA from Melbourne, and we’re definitely still finding our feet and figuring out how to make a go of it here in Bunbury. We wanted to find a way to sell our artwork ourselves, as opposed to having to rely on gallery’s to do it for us.

We didn’t really know what we were doing to be honest, or even if we would make a single dollar, but we packed up all the artwork we had in our workshop, and took it to The Bunbury Market one Saturday. That was how Old Coast Studio began, and since then we have come a long way. We have done countless markets all around WA, spent thousands of hours in our workshop making new pieces, and many nights sketching designs for custom made pieces. Old Coast Studio has changed exponentially since we started a year ago, and we have continued to grow and evolve our work and our studio.

We are excited to announce the next phase of our business, a new addition to Old Coast Studio that will allow us to continue our growth. We have opened a showroom as part of The Fuller Co Op in Bunbury! With the addition of a permanent retail space, we are able to give Old Coast Studio a permanent home, a place were you can come specifically to us to view our latest work, discuss custom made art, or purchase a piece from our showroom. As always, we will have a constant rotation of art on show in the Co Op, with the addition of some larger scale wall and furniture pieces!

We want our showroom to be a welcoming space where people can feel comfortable to come and engage with us, pick our brains, and hang out. With this new venture, we are joining a collective of small businesses that are also part of the Fullers Co Op and make a variety of hand made, unique arts, crafts and local products. All of these local artisans make amazing work, and are playing a huge part in diversifying the retail landscape in the Bunbury region, so we are excited to join them!

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased our art this past year, we still get a flutter of excitement every time someone loves our work enough to make a purchase, and its humbling to think of how many homes across WA have a piece of our art on display. We know that art is a luxury, but we like to think we make our work accessible to as many people as possible by selling our work ourselves, as opposed to through a third party.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Old Coast Studio. If you had told us a year ago that we would have a bricks and mortar retail space, we wouldn’t have believed you! All we know is, we love what we do, and we love sharing it with you, so that’s what we will continue to do!

Our showroom is located at 9 Dodson Rd, Glen Iris, and open every Friday and Saturday 10am – 4pm, or any other time by appointment. We can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Happy 1st birthday and congratulations Aimee and Jake. Such a great achievement with Old Coast Studio. May your business continue to grow and prosper. Love your work!

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