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Summertime Fine, how is it already Christmas time?

Summertime Fine, how is it already Christmas time?

Once again the year has sped by and we’ve found ourselves gearing up for the Christmas period! This is Old Coast Studio’s second Christmas, and we are super excited by the prospect of our artwork ending up under peoples christmas trees as gifts to their loved ones.

We will be approaching the Christmas period a little differently this year. With our new retail space open in The Fuller Co Op, we won’t be attending quite as many markets as we did in the lead up to Christmas last year. That being said, we will be at both The Bunbury Market and The Dunsborough Market bi-weekly, with a few others sprinkled in for fun. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to find out what markets we are at and when! On top of this, our Bunbury showroom will be open every Friday and Saturday.

As always, our focus is on quality over quantity, and we continue to be dedicated to producing hand made, one of a kind pieces made exclusively for you!

If you are interested in commissioning a custom made artwork for Christmas, now is the time to put your order in! Whilst every piece is different depending on scale and detail, most of our custom artwork has a 2 to 3 week turn around. With Christmas fast approaching, we encourage everyone interested in a custom artwork to get in contact with us now, so we can ensure you have your artwork in time!

If you are interested in a custom piece, but your not quite sure what your after, visit us in our Bunbury showroom or send us an email at oldcoaststudio@gmail.com to discuss your ideas!

Alternitively, we also have a whole gallery of original artworks available at The Fuller Co Op, with pricing to suit a range of budgets.

Whilst Christmas may be a little different this year, we’re choosing to focus on celebrating all the good stuff, like how lucky we are to get to make art for a living!

‘Frog and Lily Pads’, Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture, currently on display at The Fuller Co Op, $640
‘Ocean Scene’, Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture, $750 (Sold), contact us to commission a similar piece
‘Pelican’, freestanding Stainless Steel Sculpture, $450 (Sold), contact us to commission a similar piece

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