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What do We Do?

Old Coast Studio is a sculpture and fabrication studio located in Bunbury, Western Australia, producing one of a kind contemporary art pieces and unique architectural features. Founded by Jake Coghlan and Aimee Rytenskild, Old Coast Studios works with clients to design pieces specific to their unique location and desires. We specialize in the construction of outdoor sculptural features, steel and wooden furniture, and decorative screens. Contact us today to realize your vision!

Who Are We?

Jake Coghlan / I was born and raised in Bunbury, WA. Growing up in the South West, I always loved being outdoors and surrounded by nature. After completing high school, I undertook a carpentry qualification, which I completed in 2008. Whilst I was working as a carpenter, I developed an interest in making art, and began making sculptures out of stainless steel; teaching myself to weld. After a few years of dabbling, I decided to move to Melbourne and study art. In 2013 I enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT university, majoring in sculpture, and went on to complete a Masters In Art and Public Space in 2017, graduating with honors. In late 2018, after relocating back to WA from Melbourne, I decided to combine my background in carpentry with my knowledge of the arts, and Old Coast Studio was born.

Aimee Rytenskild / I grew up in Melbourne. I loved making art from a young age, and always new I would do something creative with my career. In 2013 I embarked upon a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT university, and by some twist of fate, ended up majoring in sculpture, despite never having made any sculpture in my life. This course of study enabled me to think about art in a more broad way, particularly the way we interact with objects in day to day life. Studying Sculpture at RMIT also lead me to meet Jake, and we began sharing ideas and collaborating on artworks. In 2017, I presented my first solo exhibition at FortyFive Downstairs gallery in Melbourne, comprising of 16 original works. In 2018 I relocated with Jake to WA, where we decided to combine our unique skills and form Old Coast Studio!