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At Old Coast Studio, we custom make high quality signage that will serve as both a visual feature and a practical feature for your home or business. Each piece is highly individualized and designed specifically for you!

We love putting an artistic spin on our custom made signage, and often include visual imagery uniquely designed imagery that relates to the subject matter of the sign. We are happy to work with our clients to come up with a design that is truly representational of their home/business. We can also incorporate imagery such as business logos into the design of your sign.

Using either stainless steel, mild steel, corten steel or a combination of both, our signs can either be constructed using one flat sheet of steel, or two sheets welded together that creates a 3D effect. Solar LED back-lighting for two sheet designs can also be arranged on request.

We love working with our clients to create a unique and beautiful design that is customized to their individual needs and location. Contact us today to discuss what we can make for you!


Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel is the material we use most frequently for our signage, as it is highly durable and does not rust. Stainless Steel can also be heat treated to create different colouring on the steel if desired. All our stainless steel signage is varnished with Protectaclear. Stainless steel can be used on its own for a bright and modern appearance, or we often use Stainless Steel in conjunction with Mild/Corten Steel to create a contrasting aesthetic between the clean silver appearance of the Stainless Steel, and orange rusted surface of the Mild/Corten Steel.

Mild Steel / Mild Steel is the most affordable material we work with, and creates a beautiful rusted aesthetic. As the steel ages, it develops a lovely orange patina. The downside is that if not maintained, it will continue to rust away. To prevent this, once the desired rusted coloring has been achieved, we always varnish our work with Everbrite to prevent the steel from rusting beyond the desired amount. We also recommend our clients re-varnish any mild steel signage once every 12 months to further prevent rust damage.

Corten Steel / Corten Steel looks very similar to mild steel. The difference is that as Corten rusts on the surface, it creates a protective layer that prevents the interier from rusting. This means that Corten Steel is much longer lasting than Mild Steel, and does not need to be varnished. The rust layer on Corten Steel is also more even in tone and color, and tends to be a slightly lighter orange. Corten Steel is a premium product, and therefore more expensive than Mild Steel, however far more durable.

Lighting / Adding lighting to your custom made signage can be a great way to make sure your signage stands out, as well as tie it in with the rest of the landscape. For garden signage, we recommend backlighting with LED Solar Lights, the bulk of which can be built into the sign. The cost of lighting is in addition to the cost of signage, and starts at $150. (Lighting costs are dependent on the size of your custom signage.)


We aim to make our custom pieces as affordable as possible. We base the price of our custom signage on the dimensions, materials and intricacy of the design, and therefore pricing is variable based on each unique piece.

Below is a a visual pricing guide outlining starting prices for mild steel signage.


We know that you don’t want to wait around for months and months for your signage to be ready, so we aim to have your custom signage made within 3 weeks of order. This completion timeline is increased for high volume orders or more complex designs.

If you would like to commission a custom made sign for your home or business, simply send us an email at oldcoaststudio@gmail.com, or call 0433427312. Make sure to include the desired dimensions/lettering/imagery, and we will happily develop a design for you and recommend the best materials for your unique piece!

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