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At Old Coast Studio, we custom make high quality signage that will serve as both a visual feature and a practical feature for your home or business. Each piece is highly individualized and designed specifically to fit your needs.

Every piece we make is cut by hand, resulting in a truly unique and artistic finish. Using either stainless steel, mild steel or a combination of both, our signs can either be constructed using one flat sheet of steel, or two sheets welded together that creates a 3D effect. Solar LED backlighting for two sheet designs can also be arranged on request.

Every Stainless Steel sign we make is varnished with Everbrite to prevent any surface damage that can otherwise accumulate from being exposed to the elements. This means your custom made signage will last a lifetime!

We love working with our clients to create a unique and beautiful design that is customised to their individual needs and location. Contact us today to discuss what we can make for you!

Pricing is variable on dimensions/material/intricacy and therefore variable from piece to piece. If you have a piece in mind, contact us today for a quote!

Other Items We can also make:

  • Decorative Screens
  • Letterboxes
  • Fire Pits