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Dhuefish, Stainless Steel Wall Sculpture

This artwork is based on a Dhuefish, a common fish found in the South West region of Western Australia. We love to take inspiration from our local area, and make artwork that is reflective of our surrounding environment.

The Dhuefish is made from recycled marine grade stainless steel. It has been hand cut using a Plasma Cutter, and engraved using an angle grinder and TIG welder. The brilliant colourful effect is achieved through heating the steel. The artwork is fitted with a hook on the back to allow for easy hanging.

This artwork has been varnished with Protectaclear, which will protect the stainless steel from any weather damage or discolouration. This means it is safe to be displayed outside.

The Scale of this piece is 65cm wide, 32cm long, 5cm depth. The artwork weighs approximately 2kg.


This piece is available for purchase on Easy.


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