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At Old Coast Studio, we make custom designed outdoor furniture and Outdoor Features, such as Letterboxes and Birdbaths. Every piece we make is one of a kind and hand made; created just for you!

We work with a variety of materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, corten steel and timber to create a variety of one of a kind pieces to perfectly suit your home or business. Each piece is custom designed based on your dimensions and preferences.

Our specialty is unique artistic pieces with sculptural elements, however the design and theme of each piece is completely up to you! We want to work with you to achieve the perfect furniture piece that you will cherish forever.

We make

-Outdoor bench seats -Outdoor side tables – Stainless steel outdoor tables – Letterboxes

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a hardy material, and therefor all our stainless steel furniture pieces are safe to go outside. For extra protection from the elements, we varnish all our stainless steel pieces with Everbrite, which prevents any surface damage.

Customers also have the choice of adding colour to any stainless steel furniture/feature piece, which is achieved through heating the steel. Colours achieved through this process are subject to the thickness of the steel, and vary from piece to piece. Most frequently, we are able to achieve ultramarine blues, copper tones and pink tones.

We also add features and artistic elements (upon request) to our stainless steel furniture, and no two pieces are the same. This could be a grape vine climbing up the stem of a table, or a table top in the shape of a monstera leaf. We like to draw inspiration from the environment around us in Western Australia, however always welcome design ideas and requests from all our clients!

Mild Steel

Mild Steel is an affordable and versatile product, which can be used in a variety of ways. When exposed to weather, mild steel will rust, and the appearance of the steel will continue to slightly change over time. The rusting process can be stopped by varnishing the surface of the steel with Everbrite.`Mild Steel can be used in conjunction with other materials such as stainless steel, to create variation in tone, texture and colour.

Corten Steel

Corten Steel is a unique material, similar in appearance to mild steel. Corten steel is different to mild steel in that it has increased resistance to corrosion caused by weather. This is because, when exposed to weather, the steel forms a protective layer of rust on the surface that constantly regenerates, and protects the steel underneath.

Corten Steel is an ideal product for pieces such as Letterboxes and outdoor signage, as the rusted layer that develops on the surface becomes a brilliant orange, and the rust forms a beautifully even and uniform layer across the steel.


We also make indoor/outdoor furniture using timber elements. Anything from indoor timber tables to natural edge outdoor bench seating. Most Frequently our timber furniture is made using locally sourced Jarrah, however different timber can be used upon request.

Our timber furniture designs usually incorporate an element of steel or mild steel for the legs and base.


Pricing is subject to the materials and sizing of your unique piece. Please contact us here https://oldcoaststudio.com/contact/ to recieve a detailed quote!

Custom Made Letterboxes start at $750

Stainless Steel Outdoor Side Tables start at $650

Outdoor 3 Seater Timber Benches start at $350

Custom Made Stainless Steel Bird Baths start at $650